Data Science for the Liberal Arts

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Boise State's Data Science for Liberal Arts program mentioned as a way to respond to Tech Skills Gap in this Encoura article: "Responding to the Tech Skills Gap: Build, Buy, Partner...or Don't"

The Data Science for the Liberal Arts program began at Boise State in 2018.  As Program Coordinator, I believe that all students (regardless of discipline) can benefit from learning data science skills.  Data science uses scientific methods, statistical analyses and algorithms to extract knowledge and draw conclusions from data.  I utilize these methods in my research to understand human behavior.  As data becomes more ubiquitous in the world, it is increasingly imperative that all students acquire basic knowledge of data visualization, management, analysis, and interpretation.  


Click for more information about the Data Science for Liberal Arts certificate and minor offered at Boise State University.  

Key skills taught in these courses include: 

  • Data Visualization

  • Statistical analysis

  • Web scraping

  • Text mining

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Data Science Ethics

  • R Statistical Software