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Evolutionary Perspectives on

Parenting, Reproduction, and Mating Strategies (PRaMS)

I lead the PRaMS lab group.  In this lab, undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing research in human behavioral ecology identify research projects and pursue them for course credit.  

Typically students enroll in the course: ANTH 479 for 1 credit.  If you are interested in joining the lab, please email me at:

Prior undergraduate student projects include: 

Rachel Koch, 2021: The Role of Parent Child Relationships and Further Child Rearing Decisions

Zoey Bevington, 2020: The Association between Sex Ratio and Intimate Partner Violence in New York State and California

Hallie Turner, 2019: Sex Ratio Correlates with Both Male and Female Suicide Rates Across US Counties (presented at HBES 2019 in Boston, MA)

UG research conference 2019.jfif

Hallie Turner (top) and Zoey Bevington (bottom) presenting their research at the Undergraduate Research Conference 2019

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