Associate Professor,

Department of Anthropology,

Boise State University

I am an evolutionary anthropologist and human behavioral ecologist.  My research examines the ways that evolutionary and ecological forces have shaped modern human variation, with a particular focus on how kin cooperation and conflict influences reproduction, education, mental health, and menopause.  I am also interested in the interplay of family dynamics and one's hormonal profile.

I utilize life history theory to examine decision making and understand trade-offs.  To examine these research questions, I conduct fieldwork, typically interviewing respondents, or utilize existing large-scale demographic datasets.  I have conducted interviews in San Borja, Bolivia, Huatasani, Peru, and Boise, Idaho.  I also analyze salivary cortisol to examine how hormonal profiles may correlate with behavioral and educational outcomes.  

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Address:  1910 University Dr. Boise, ID 83725